Cal Geo at CSUN

As a continuation in growing all engineering fields at Cal State Northridge, ASCE CSUN would like to give notice to a new student chapter that will be at CSUN, Cal Geo.  The California Geotechnical Engineering Association is the largest and most well respected group of geotechnical engineering consultants throughout the State of California.  Similar to ASCE, they strive to improve regulations and close government loopholes as well as reach out to the students who will eventually become future engineers.

With the forming of Cal Geo at CSUN, They will attempt to get students engaged in the geotechnical side of engineering; in the first year of the student chapter we hope many students from the ASCE Student Chapter join Cal Geo as well.  The cost of member to the CSUN Student Chapter is FREE and the cost of member for the National membership is only $10.  This opens up all the opportunities to finding a internship or job in the field of geotechnical engineering.


Contact Jonathan Ontiveros for more information.

Engineers’ Week

The American Society of Civil Engineers Los Angeles Younger Member Forum (ASCE LA YMF) along with the City of Los Angeles Department of Public Works and Gilbert Cedillo of Los Angeles City Council District 1 are hosting the 2nd Annual Engineers Week Extravaganza, to be held February 22 – 28, 2015!

This unique event will feature four days of activities in Downtown Los Angeles area dedicated to introducing students of all levels to local branches of government and various fields of engineering. Our goal is to educate students about their own community and inspire them with future possibilities. We are anticipating over 500 Los Angeles students to be involved in this event.

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