Introducing the 2016 Board

With the 2014-2015 Academic Year drawing to a close, ASCE CSUN has begun the slow transition for the new incoming board.  Continuing on our successes from last year and learning from our mistakes, the board is eager and willing to provide students the tools necessary for becoming capable professional engineers down the road.   Below you will find a brief introduction on each board member and some things they’d like to say

Cristian Duran (President)

“It was 4 years ago in Civil Engineering 101 that I first heard about ASCE. Two of the special project teams, Concrete Canoe and Steel Bridge, were what got me involved. Unsure about what team I wanted to be a part of, I found myself attending workshops and participating in both. Shortly after, I was drawn towards Concrete Canoe and in the spring of 2014 I attended my first Pacific Southwest Conference (PSWC). Thrilled and driven with our success, I ran and was elected as Team Captain for the 2014-2015 school year. Working with the Concrete Canoe Team has been an amazing learning experience and I wouldn’t have had the opportunities to better myself as a student engineer and future leader if it weren’t for ASCE CSUN. Now as president, my goal is to ensure ASCE CSUN continues to offer such opportunities to every student member and to expand CSUN’s chapter.”

Rosa Orellana (Vice-President)

“I’m really excited for this new upcoming year, we have a lot in store for our members and for new incoming members! We will be having more fun socials, volunteer opportunities, professional speakers, mentor programs, and much more! We can’t wait to see you all, have a great summer and we’ll see you in the fall.”

Jose Sahagun (Treasurer)

“Active member of The American Society of Civil Engineers since Fall 2013. As a junior civil engineering undergraduate student. I strive to keep building on this student chapter’s success.”

Claris Rivera (Secretary)

“As the Secretary a few of my responsibilities are to make sure that all documents are properly filed and organized and to take down and provide as detailed notes as possible during the board and general meetings. My main goal for the year will be to make sure that all ASCE CSUN members and advisors are notified of all meetings, events, and opportunities in a timely manner.”

Karin Sampson (Co-Fundraiser/Event Coordinator)

“I’ve been part of Asce for the past 2 year and it has been an amazing journey. This year I’m sharing the position of event coordinator/fundraiser, where I’m looking forward to ensure events run smoothly while preparing and finding activities that will allow us to participate more in ASCE. As a team, our purpose is to expand and appeal more students to create a friendly environment while working toward a common goal, and I truly believe together we can find new experiences to keep our society growing.”

Sam Potts (Co-Fundraiser/Event Coordinator)

“I am looking forward to providing CSUN ASCE with a variety of professional and social events.  Even though I am only a sophomore this year, I feel like I have the drive and passion for ASCE to succeed as a student chapter at CSUN”

Massoud Razani (Professional & Alumni Liaison)

“I am an engineering intern at the City of Thousand Oaks Public Works Department. I am looking forward to providing an array of engaging and informative presentations to broaden the perspective of all members.”

Luis Molina (Conference Chair)

“Active member of The American Society of Civil Engineers. As a junior civil engineering undergraduate student. I strive to keep building on this student chapter’s success.”

Ahmed Guerrero (Historian)

“Active member of The American Society of Civil Engineers. As a sophomore civil engineering undergraduate student. I strive to keep building on this student chapter’s success.”

Kevin Liu (Webmaster)

“I look forward to providing up to date information through our social media as well as this website, any information regarding events or fundraisers will be published in a professional manner as this website and our social media outlets are the bridges to the outside professional world.”

Julio Iglesia (Chief Operations Officer)

“I plan to do my utmost to uphold the standards set before me by past COOs. As such, I will be working closely with my fellow board members to keep ASCE CSUN a respectable and professional student chapter of the American Society of Civil Engineers.”

Joanna Phung (Editor)

“I am looking forward to aiding the new board in all prospects of fundraising, organization, accounting, and recruitment. I am anticipating team projects with many of the other team members such as the fundraising chair and secretary, and I hope to see our efforts help students grow as much as ASCE has helped us.”

Phat Duong (Concrete Canoe Captain)

“My goal as a project manager is to create a team bonding experience and teamwork from the team as well as ASCE. One of the big thing I would like to accomplish for this year would be to go to nationals.”

Rigoberto Torres (Steel Bridge Captain)

“These past few years in ASCE Steel Bridge Team have taught me a lot in both my academic and personal life; and it is because of this that I want to give my best back to ASCE, but more importantly to the Steel Bridge Team.”

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